MAYA (Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness)

Even before people could comprehend the possibilities of social incubation in India, MAYA had already supported programs into social enterprises in order to reach scale and impact almost 2 decades ago. We are a Karnataka-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working for over 25 years in the space of social transformation. We began our journey by driving change in systemic issues of education, livelihoods and health. Of our programs, 3 have become independent organisations known as Prajayatna, Maya Organic and Labournet all of which have substantial impact on the ground as NGOs/ Social Enterprises.

MAYA is currently driving a health Initiative that focuses on promoting preventive healthcare amongst urban and rural poor/marginalised.

Who we are

We have been established formally under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act of 1960 as of 19th January 1991. Our approach over the decades has been to focus on systemic issues that needed our urgent attention.

We began by working closely with street children almost 2 decades ago where we campaigned against child labour and pioneered in the space of child rights advocacy, policy and training at the grass root level. In our attempt to get children out of the street we realised that education was crucial and we evolved to into community mobilizations and ownerships of local stakeholders of schools to reform the education system from the inside. This now is known as “Prajayatna”- or “Citizens Initiative for education”.

In the past we found that many children were still dropping out of school due to the lack of employability opportunities post schooling. Here we introduced many bridge schools, prevocational and vocational training centres for youth to support them get back into mainstream jobs. This evolved into what we know today as “Labournet”.

We also intervened in Chanapatna- Karnataka by reviving the local art of Lacware toy making and supporting local artisans by adding engineering designs to an old dying art. This unit today is known as MAYA organic catering to a large international and domestic market with their unique organic handmade toys and accessories.

Our past learnings have helped us understand that health is a critical parameter in an individual’s life. This is to say we realised that no matter how much we educate a child in schools or send people back to work, all is lost when a person falls ill and gets into a debt trap. We strongly believe that “without health there is no escape from poverty!” from here began our ongoing MAYAHealth Initiative which addresses key health care delivery challenges in our country.

Our Mission “Working to create an empowered and equitable society that systematically addresses livelihood, education and health.”




This is an intervention that is active in over 50,000 schools in 3 states in India. Post incubation with MAYA, this is now an independent program. The program is currently funded by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. For more details log on to


This is a skill development and livelihood initiative that has trained over 100,000 workers till date. LabourNet today is an independent for-profit social enterprise aspiring to train over 500,000 individuals. LabourNet is an NSDC partner with funding from Acumen Fund. For more details log on to

MAYA Organic

This is an initiative that is being run in Channapatna. The project is focused on skill development of artisans in traditional lacquer arts. The project today provides employment to 75 people. The key outcome of the project has been to ensure that traditional lacquer based arts can be sustained in a rapidly changing global economy. For more details log on to


Over the years we have learnt that health is critical to an individual’s life hence, MAYA is now driving a health program that focus on preventive and promotive health practises in rural and semi urban communities of Karnataka. In the first 2 years of pilot phase of the MAYA model we have established the importance of preventive health care, HN model development, a training model for health navigators mainly women as micro entrepreneurs,introduce services and products in preventive health care, initiate a collective enterprise model, mapped and tied with Primary Health Centre(PHCs) and other health care service providers.

We are now looking at a second phase of 2 years to consolidate the model and build the bases for scale and impact. We plan to cover the whole Channapatna taluk with additional 90 HNs and move into one more location during the project period. Next 7 years we are driven towards impacting over 1.5 million lives.

Join us in this movement of #inspiringhealth.

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Alex Rodrigues

Alex Rodrigues

Dr Vasudev Thimmiah

Dr Vasudev Thimmiah

Program Director
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Rashmi Hegde

Social Development Head
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Jithin Chandran

Program Co-ordinator
Ronika Susan George

Ronika Susan George

Strategic Partnerships
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Rekha Arun

Administration and Finance
Neeraj Aggarwal

Neeraj Aggarwal

Technology and Program Management

Our Advisors

Mr Kichu Krishnan Mr Solomon J P Mr. Karthik Ananth

Registration Details

We are registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” Registration Number: 765/90-51 and are certified under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976

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