Meet Health Navigator- Kusuma

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Every third Indian today travels 19 miles for basic healthcare and is often too late to solve a problem that was preventable. ‪#‎MAYAHealth‬ has enabled Health Navigator Kusuma apart from others, to be the last mile connect to healthcare in her community.

In the next twenty years, 40-50 million new health care workers will need to be trained and deployed to meet the need.-Universal Health Coverage UHC – (WHO) ‪#‎MAYAhealth‬ ‪#‎Steppingup‬ ‪#‎empoweringwomen‬      

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A Healthy Road towards Empowerment

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SVP-Social Venture Partners- Bangalore is working with MAYA to create a new channel of livelihood creation in rural, by training people to become “Health Navigators”, who can be the last mile for preventive and promotional health. SVP and MAYA are together developing a sustainable model – financial and talent – to sustain health navigators’ income

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SAP Labs is on board! and they are helping to develop the products and sevices for the Health Navigators.Rolling out preventive health packages that aim to reach all members of the community.#MayaHealth SAP Labs collaborate with our Health Navigators  

We’ve had an IBM Facilitated Strategic Assesments workshop at MAYA!They are supoprting us -MayaHealth to map out our 5 year plans based on the component business modelling techniques. September 2015

Volunteer Testimonials

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The Health Navigator way of life I joined MAYA Health almost a year ago, in my capacity as a writer and blogger (albeit amateur) and in all that time, I had gotten to know quite well, the work that goes on here in MAYA- a not-for-profit organization that is attempting to improve health situations in

Buzz India – Bangalore trained 30 of our Health Navigators in Chanapatna in the month of August. Empowering our collectives to take ownership of their own finances and managing the same. This in turn feeds into the development of Collectives to start thinking about investments and other financial responsibilities it needs to take on.Have a look

Social Venture Partners –Bangalore

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Experiences from the field: SVP Partner Raj Chauhan shares his experience of meeting the Health Navigators: “It was an insightful field visit, and we came back impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment towards healthcare in their community”. See more here

Maya Health – UN Millennium development Goals now a step closer! See more here