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Happy to announce that MAYA Health is growing and is reaching out to over 50,000 people in Chanapatna-Karnataka, with affordable preventive healthcare services. Here’s a quick review of the week gone by in March. 🙂 #inspiringhealth #powerofknowledge #Globalhealth#healthentrepreneurs #HealthinIndia #publichealth

Helping Chanapatna see better.

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Dhristi Eye camp updates from the field: The first round of camp was planned with 150 houses to be covered by 5 Health Navigators from the first collective- Roshni.Dhristi Eye hospital along with MAYA conducted Eye camp at Mehendi Nagar on 8.8.16. Before this camp health Navigator Shaheen from “Roshni” collective had visited 142 houses,

Kindly click on the link below to access the FCRA report 2015 MAYA -FCRA 2014-15 094420654R (1)

Quarterly updates

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Quarterly Snapshot Jan-March_FinalV   Quarterly April-June 2016_V.1

MAYAHealth partnering with VMware Foundations Citizen Philanthrophists #MAYAHealth in partnership with VMWare Foundation at the annual community day 2015. We got to engage with a passionate crowd of citizen philanthropists, and gather a great pool of talented volunteers and supporters. #Socialgood #Giveback #empoweringwomen — in Bangalore City. 16th December 2015

Snap Shot #Sept2015

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Snap Shot Sept2015

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SAP Labs is on board! and they are helping to develop the products and sevices for the Health Navigators.Rolling out preventive health packages that aim to reach all members of the community.#MayaHealth SAP Labs collaborate with our Health Navigators  

We’ve had an IBM Facilitated Strategic Assesments workshop at MAYA!They are supoprting us -MayaHealth to map out our 5 year plans based on the component business modelling techniques. September 2015

Buzz India – Bangalore trained 30 of our Health Navigators in Chanapatna in the month of August. Empowering our collectives to take ownership of their own finances and managing the same. This in turn feeds into the development of Collectives to start thinking about investments and other financial responsibilities it needs to take on.Have a look