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Dhristi Eye camp updates from the field:

The first round of camp was planned with 150 houses to be covered by 5 Health Navigators from the first collective- Roshni.Dhristi Eye hospital along with MAYA conducted Eye camp at Mehendi Nagar on 8.8.16. Before this camp health Navigator Shaheen from “Roshni” collective had visited 142 houses, conducted preliminary eye tests,given spectacles and also given information of the camp for further eye testing.

Dhristi mobile camp conducted eye test for 65 people of all age groups. After the test taken order of spectacles for those who needed charging Rs. 50/-(Advance) and promised to deliver to their houses ( address and phone numbers were taken).Medicines were given at subsidised prices for those who needed it.Clients were counselled to go to hospital for cataract operation. They made sure that they were told to bring RSBY and Yashaswini card when they come to hospital and informed that they would get freely operated if they get these cards. Or else the cost of operation comes to Rs. 1000/-.
Monday they tested for 65 people and identified 19 who need spectacles. All these 19 have ordered and given advance for spectacles. One person has to get operated and 5 people taken eye drops.

With the help of 5 of our health navigators and collaboration with Drishti Eye hospital we have been able to do the first round of services(testing, sale of specs/ referrals for surgeries and subsidised medication) for over 140 people in just one day. Many more such camps are scheduled this quarter and im happy to share some of the feedback received is promising and very rewarding.

Feedback of eye camp participants:

Client: Mehaboob Miya, 85 years:
I am aged, my son does not looking after me. I am living with my daughter who is a daily worker. They do not have time to take me to the hospital.Health Navigator Shaheen came to our house and did the test and informed me to come to the camp. It has helped me and as the camp is closer to my house so I have come here. I was told to wear spectacles and gave Rs 100 advance. They will get it delivered personally to my house. This is a good work for the aged people. I am very happy for this.(Translated to english)

Partner: Bhanu, works in Dhristi Hospital:
I have conducted 21 camps till now. My work has become easier working with MAYA. They conduct test and inform people to attend the camp.
we used to campaign about the camp one day before. When we did many miss as they go to work and won’t be there at home. Now from MAYA they inform each house. and conduct test before us. People did not know to come to hospital and are scared. When they come to the camp we do not charge them and get spectacles for lesser price. It helps each and our hospital get more publicity

Client: Sanemath, 29 years:
I’ve worn spectacles since I was 10 years. I had been to Dhristi hospital 5 months ago. My eyesight is blur hence I coming to this camp. They have informed to change my spectacle. If I go to Dhristi hospital I waste my whole day. I do carpentry work and I do not get holidays. In this type of camp, it takes half an hour and helps all.

Its great to see people directly benefit from the efforts the Health Navigators, MAYA Team and all the partners have put in.Thanks for joining in on our journey to help build healthier communities who can now slowly yet steadily live inspired lives.
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