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Event Partners: Kusum- Senior Manager- Programs India Cares Foundation- Bangalore
MAYA as a team has been very responsive to queries and to communicate through the whole event time for all the procedure that India Cares requires from CSOs to fulfill. With new initiatives on line, Maya Health seemed very clear in their vision and the plan they were working on to achieve it. We, as a support organisation, wish all the best to the team in realising their goal and to reach out to the community as much as possible.

Technology Partner :Abhra Debroy ( P&I Technology UxP DTSs) SAP Labs India
Working in MAYA Heathcare initiative is a great learning experience for us. We have first-hand insight into the challenges and opportunities exist in rural preventive healthcare area. Interaction with Healthcare Navigator and visit to field(Channapatna) is indeed an eye opener for us . We have worked in a design thinking project with MAYA to co-create a data analytics framework to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare initiative. MAYA team has clear vision and understanding of role of technology in scaling such program. Healthcare Initiative has greater potential to make bigger impact in public healthcare among both urban and rural poor.

Knowledge Partner: CatalinaSrishti School of Art Technology and Design
Th Health Navigators and the students are familiar with the concept of device and screen, and we helped them to also be familiar with the possibilities to use the device as tools to unchain social interactions. By understanding technology as an experience, we did not identified the capacity of the technology to enhance human interactions, but we identified the capacity of the HN’s and the students to envision how their own capacities can be augmented with the use of technology.


Broadly there are 4 key factors that asisst the intervention to be sustainable: 1)Capacity building of our Health Navigators is based on self directed- learning principles, hence ensuring that they are supported to the extent that they themselves take ownership of self and community health. 2)The Health Navigators provide preventive health services and products which not only helps improve community health but also this exerise is done; wherein they can earn a sustainable living.( Revenue generation model by HNs to maintain collective health) 3)The Health Navigators form collective enterprises of 15 members each, this functions as an independent enterprise , the micro entrepreneurs who act as the last mile connect are supported to become effective micro health entrepreneurs. 4)Integration of technology in the form of tablets that the Health Navigators use assists in making the health data collected from the community more effective to improve model approach to preventive health.

The three broad areas which the Initiative looks at to ensure that the inititative is on track towards our collective mission at MAYA. These areas are: 1) Levels of improvement in community health- Impact population results from initiative. 2)Sustainable Collective Enterprises formed- Training- Capacity building of Health Navigators and and Financial Stability. 3)Roll out of products and services mix for health advancement in the community.

Field work entails many real time operations and strategic challenges of which a few are given below: 1)Changing community lifestyles and status quo of health ecosystem existing in community. 2)Effectively Liasoning with local ecosystems(Local medical professionals/ government institutions and schemes/Pharmaceuticals/Local dispensaries etc) 3) Ensuring continuous demand and supply of health services and products in the community.