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  • 06/09/2017in Blogs

    “Half the Sky” India – Women’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Exploration Seminar- 2017

    Overview India is home to some of the most inspirational women in the world. There are more female CEOs in India than in the US, including leaders of two of the four largest banks. The number of women entrepreneurs and business owners continues to grow. Many others lead influential nonprofits and social businesses designed to...
  • 09/08/2017in Reports

    Client Story for the Month – August 2017

  • 17/07/2017in Blogs

    Reclaiming India one smile at a time.

    If you didn’t know yet, — Your oral cavity is the mirror to your body. Dental health directly influences your overall health. Yes, in simple terms. The mouth serves as a “window” to the rest of the body, providing signals of general health disorders. It has been observed that most of the general health problems...
  • 10/07/2017in Blogs

    Inspiring youth to live a Tobacco free Life!

    With over 5 million global deaths annually attributed to tobacco usage,advocating for a tobacco free life is grossly understated. It is horrific to know that developing countries such as in India, close to 9,00, 000 aprox. people die every year due to tobacco use ; of which school going children and young adults are most...
  • 31/03/2017in Blogs, Reports

    Making Wellness a Priority

    Happy to announce that MAYA Health is growing and is reaching out to over 50,000 people in Chanapatna-Karnataka, with affordable preventive healthcare services. Here’s a quick review of the week gone by in March. 🙂 #inspiringhealth #powerofknowledge #Globalhealth#healthentrepreneurs #HealthinIndia #publichealth...
  • 17/02/2017in Blogs

    Concept of wellbeing is holistic & multi-faceted

  • 02/02/2017in Blogs, Client case files

    Supporting individuals to move towards wellness

    Location: Chanapatna- Karnataka Health Navigator(HN): Tabassum Bano Client 1: Manjunath Client 2: Kenchamalamma Kenchamalamma, suffers from diabetes, however this had been diagnosed 15 years ago. When questioned about how she got to know about MAYA she said that Tabassum had been visiting other houses in the nearby areas and she was eager to try ou...
  • 05/01/2017in Blogs

    Friends of MAYA

    We have had some amazing people the past year who have interned and volunteered with us. From small yet very helpful operational tasks to full-fledged program inputs and work. We are very thank full to all the talented and hardworking “Friends of MAYA” for giving us their time and support! Your efforts in various areas...
  • 03/01/2017in Blogs, Client case files

    Hear from our clients in Chanapatna!

    This is a series of short stories/ interviews which highlight some the experiences of clients and health navigators who are working together to enable wellness and inspire health in their communities. MAYAHealth- Village name: Tattakere Village in Chanapatna- Karnataka |Health Navigator Name: Tabassum Bano| Experience: 2 years |Client: Mr. Shivakum...
  • 22/09/2016in Blogs

    Sharing our MAYA story

    From education- livelihoods to health. Our journey captured on the inflight magazine -september issue- spicejet.Happy Reading! Article Courtesy: Bindu Gopal_Spicejet Inflight coverage  ...
  • 29/08/2016in Blogs

    August Snap shots

      Quick visual updates from the field....
  • 10/08/2016in Reports

    Helping Chanapatna see better.

    Dhristi Eye camp updates from the field: The first round of camp was planned with 150 houses to be covered by 5 Health Navigators from the first collective- Roshni.Dhristi Eye hospital along with MAYA conducted Eye camp at Mehendi Nagar on 8.8.16. Before this camp health Navigator Shaheen from “Roshni” collective had visited 142 houses,...