Inspiring youth to live a Tobacco free Life!

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With over 5 million global deaths annually attributed to tobacco usage,advocating for a tobacco free life is grossly understated. It is horrific to know that developing countries such as in India, close to 9,00, 000 aprox. people die every year due to tobacco use ; of which school going children and young adults are most impacted.

MAYAHealth team and Christ Junior College- Bangalore partnered this 6th July 2017  and joined hands for the Tobacco Free Initiative.

We had a half a day session with over 1500 students from 1st year Pre- university along with faculty who attended this tobacco sensitization program. A range of topics were covered from substance abuse, effects of smoking, ways to prevent addiction and manage de addiction, real time stories for positive reinforcements for better life choices by youth etc. Multimedia, live stories and the interactive- participatory approach has helped bring out a lot of relevant questions and perspectives from the 15-16 year olds. We look forward to working with a lot more younger generations to ensure our future is not controlled by addictions that we could have prevented. At MAYA we believe that every person must have the opportunity to make informed health choices. This initiative allows us to educate children before they are trapped by tobacco addiction.

It is certainly hard to stay healthy, and even more difficult to quit smoking if you have begun. But with the right motivations, support systems and will power anything is possible.We envision a day when “every child believes that— NOT smoking is COOL”. At MAYA we are happy to partner with you to help spread the word, especially if you have innovative ways to reach out to younger audiences.

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Big shout out to Ms Nalini Satyanarayan- Member/Survivor (Voice of Tobacco Victims)for her inspiring life story, the CJC Team Bangalore and their kind counsellors who have been great hosts and Mr. Chander SJ (Program Officer MAYAHealth) for leading this initiative.

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This is only just the beginning, 1500 students are today educated to make better choices, but the real question is do we want to continue making poor health choices for ourselves and our loved ones or do something about it.


Pictures Courtesy-
Joy Vadakkan Antony
In House Designer, Photographer and Event Management- Christ University

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