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Health Navigator Tabassum (Top Right)

This is a series of short stories/ interviews which highlight some the experiences of clients and health navigators who are working together to enable wellness and inspire health in their communities.

MAYAHealth- Village name: Tattakere Village in Chanapatna- Karnataka |Health Navigator Name: Tabassum Bano| Experience: 2 years |Client: Mr. Shivakumar | Age: 46 | Health Status: Blood Sugar Patient

We began our journey in a quaint little village of Tattekere – Chanapatna. Health Navigator for the village Tabasum Bano, speaks with great reverence of her experiences as a village health educator. “I remember days when I first began my doorstep health services, people were skeptic of me and who I was…they would close their doors as I came closer to their homes! but today I can say that the same people who pushed me away are now happily accessing my services at the comfort of their homes” … “ I’m happy that I can help and support village and others around me to be in better health”; she says…

Later that day, we first went to a small, neat and a compact semi-pukka house of one of her clients Mr. Shivkumar. As soon as we entered a sweet looking lady with her daughter welcomed us and led us into the room for us to meet Mr. Shivkumar. He had worked at Ghousia College of Engineering as Hostel Warden at the Boys’ Hostel. His family and him had moved to another house on rent around 2 years ago and were renovating the house, in which they were living now.

Due to high Diabetes (which he was not aware of then) and excessive stress, he suffered a stroke which partially paralysed him on his left side, semblances of which still show on his left hand which has trouble with simple motor functions.

He is now partially bedridden and he is looked after by his wife and two lovely daughters. His wife helps him walk around outside their house for a little time and his elder daughter cooks for him and looks after him. They have one cow and by selling its milk, they are managing to survive. He says that “ my family has been managing even though we have very little money to run the house since I’ve been ill”

Despite the hardships faced by them, the family is very happy.

They feel that after MAYA, their life has changed. Initially, his wife had problems to catch any local transport or an auto and take her husband to the hospital, where they had to wait in the queue for  long periods of time.

His wife adds that; “now, it’s much more convenient for them as Tabu visits our house once a month and provides services such as checking Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level, checking weight etc”. She also offers to renew their Health card. Health Navigator Tabu has also taught him simple exercises which includes stretching and walking near the house. However, due to stroke he is not allowed to walk early in the morning or in the evening due to lower temperatures, he is allowed to walk in the afternoons and he is helped by his wife who is his self- assigned motivator.

Tabus specific diet recommendations for him have helped him a lot – this includes consuming minimum or no rice, sugarless coffee or tea, eating raw vegetables such as cucumber, carrot in between breakfast and lunch and consuming Ragi. She has also instructed him not to eat till his stomach is full.

His sugar level which was around 500 odd is now under control, however when checked after breakfast today, his sugar level was around 218 because he had consumed dosas and sambhar. Tabu says “that simple steps to improve and manage health can help people more than you can imagine”

Mr. Shivakumar says with a slight smile; “My family feels supported and helped with the Health Navigators services, I was very worried before thinking what would happen to my family if im not there, today I feel better because Tabu will check on us.”

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