MAYA Health

The lack of a reliable, effective and sustainable Health initiative to reach the citizens in rural areas of India has been a primary reason why India is called a “Graveyard of Healthcare Pilot Projects”.

  • Our Initiative addresses the demand for quality primary Healthcare by creating a new channel of dedicated, trained, technology enabled healthcare micro-entrepreneurs who will act as the last mile connect between the healthcare ecosystem and the citizens of rural-semi urban India.

Our approach is to create a new channel of dedicated, trained, technology enabled healthcare micro entrepreneurs called Health Navigator(HN). They will act as the last mile connect between the healthcare ecosystem and the community in rural/semi-urban India.

Our focus is to work with marginalized communities especially those in the lower rung of the socio-economic strata, as they are the worst affected by ill health.

We have rolled out the pilot for MAYA Health just over two years ago in a semi urban town of Chanapatna, in Karnataka. Where we now have 45 HNs within a geographic area covering approximately 45,000 people and directly impacting the health status of 6200+ community members.

The uniqueness of this project is that it works in tandem with the existing local health ecosystem. It involves the community, the health navigators and the health ecosystem to ensure maximum benefits with increased synergy. We support women empowerment through entrepreneurship, alternate livelihoods, improvement in community health and long term health ownership in rural and semi urban communities. Partnerships are formed with service providers, delivery partners, knowledge experts, technology providers and other relevant stakeholders to tap into resources and making this health ecosystem self-sustainable.

It not only furthers preventive health management but also provides skill development for individuals and general up-liftment for the community health status in a viable way.

Rural locations are selected and the initiative is implemented using local resources and partnering with local anchoring agencies. Local individuals fulfilling certain specified criteria are chosen and trained to become healthcare micro entrepreneurs (Health Navigators).

MAYA Health focuses on identifying health issues relevant to the local community through baseline surveys. Chronic illnesses are identified and the Health Navigator counsels and provides individuals with necessary information to manage the illness or have it treated at a nearby facility. People are more receptive to this system since it comes from a known member of their own community. Based on constant monitoring the Health Navigator provides the community with feedback and information to ensure that illnesses are prevented, managed or cured.

MAYA Health has tied up with partners for certification and provision of knowledge, technology and medical services. Training and development of the Health Navigators is done in-house to ensure adherence to quality standards and procedures. It also helps monitoring and evaluation.

We aspire to facilitate an environment where every individual is educated about healthcare and voluntarily involves oneself in preventive healthcare.We believe every individual has the ability and potential to make informed health decisions for themselves.The focus of this initiative is to further ‘preventive’ healthcare and promote overall well-being.

ObjectivesMAYA Health

(Specially selected local individuals trained to create awareness of health issues, enable easier access to information promote preventive healthcare and drive community based healthcare interventions.)


Develop a new channel of health workers called Health Navigators who will be the link (last mile connect) between the community and the healthcare services.


Empower and enable individuals/families/community to take ownership of their health status.


Develop a sustainable ecosystem to support health navigators and aid in their growth.Which in turn asists in Developing a model that is sustainable and scalable.

Key Pillars

Health Navigator

Micro-Entrepreneur tasked with last mile connect


Local community where the Health Navigator operates

Local Health Ecosystem

Implementing organizations -Primary Health Centers, Clinics, Private Hospitals and medical practitioners


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