Great things are possible together!

At MAYA we strongly believe in the power of collaborations and partnerships. Support us and be a part of the change.

Resource Partners

Support with funds for various facets of Maya Health Initiative. Every resource extended has an impact worth contributing for, you can provide financial support and products/services required to successfully scale and sustain this project and improve overall community health.

Field Partners

You can be the Local Field partner who supports the Maya Initiative to assist and handhold Health Navigators to deliver Health services and products in their specific communities. You would also receive training and other support from our MAYA Team.

Knowledge and Training Partners

Health Navigators are the pillar of the Initiative they drive the health agenda. Help build the capacity of health navigators to deliver healthcare products and services in their communities and also empower themselves as entrepreneurs with a cause.


Volunteer and Network Partner

Valuable engagements have huge potential.Help get the message out there and , support our operations to build MAYA Health Initiative with your unique contributions. Provide your time and expertise as a volunteer or strategic consultant.

Technology Partners

Help our Health Navigators manage information/data and deliver health services- products more effectively.You can provide relevant Technology equipments needed for the project. Partner and provide technology solutions and help execute the innovation road map for the initiative!

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