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Location: Chanapatna- Karnataka

Health Navigator(HN): Tabassum Bano
Client 1: Manjunath
Client 2: Kenchamalamma

Kenchamalamma, suffers from diabetes, however this had been diagnosed 15 years ago. When questioned about how she got to know about MAYA she said that Tabassum had been visiting other houses in the nearby areas and she was eager to try out MAYA’s services and thus began her acquaintance with the MAYA programme.HN Tabu asked her to modify her diet a little bit as she was consuming large amounts of rice. Due to certain problems related to digestion, Kenchamalamma cannot consume wheat, therefore her modified diet mainly consists of Ragi and bland rasam. Tabu also taught her a few easy exercises to reduce the body fat. However, last year, despite exercise and diet, Kenchamalamma continued gaining weight. Suspecting thyroid, Tabu asked her to get a thyroid check done in the nearby hospital. When tested for thyroid, it was detected positive. Therefore, she visits the hospital once in 3 months for regular check-up. Throughout which Health Navigator is available for information and support services.
Also living ins a small village Huluvadu in the Chanapatna Taluk of Rural Karnataka, Manjunath who is 40 years old, was not aware that he had diabetes. About 4 years ago, he suffered a stroke which affected his left eye. However, he is able to manage to go to work and accommodate his disabilities.
As Manjunath is Kenchamalamma’s relative, word spread about MAYA’s services and he too started utilising the services. He too, used to consume large quantities of rice as he used to work on the field. Now, his modified diet contains large quantities of ragi, fish and chicken and also jaggery as he suffered a stroke and jaggery is considered as heat.
He looks after his parents, who are both above 75 years of age. As he is now aware of Diabetes and hypertension he ensures that his parents get a regular check-up done, there are no traces of diabetes and hypertension in his parents, which have led them to worry how their son is suffering from the same. Tabu said that his diabetes is in control because of his continues cycling. He gets continuous check up from a doctor who goes to Channapatna from Bangalore. His sugar level which was initially around 480 is now usually under 150. Tabassum closely supports her clients to achieve their health goals and make wellbeing a priority in their lives.

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