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You have the power to change the health of an entire village.

We have successfully reached out to over 35,000 people in the past year and a half with our health services to marginalized communities. MAYAHealth has been in the space of social transformation for over 25 years and we strongly believe that the right to health should no longer be a dream but an achievable feat. We have taken the opportunity this year to partner with the Bangalore 10K Marathon run on 15th May to raise support for our cause of healthy living.This event is a great opportunity for thousands of people from diverse backgrounds to come together and be a part of a larger purpose towards healthy living.

 Empower 1 woman to change 2000 lives #MAYAHealth 2016

This is how you can help:
You can bring affordable healthcare to the doorsteps of people who need it the most. Each local woman we train reaches out to over 2000 people with her preventive health services such as overall community wellbeing which includes: women-child health,eye-care, diabetes and hypertension management.We would love your contribution and support to reach another million people by the end of the year.


Race to support community health.
Be a part of the Health Movement!
You can donate right now by clicking on this link here: 
Reach us at: | +91 8197481915


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